Integrating AI Created Content: 5 Key Ingredients In The Recipe For Success

How to do Content Marketing in 2024, featuring Cathal Berragan

The AI revolution is undoubtedly changing the world of business, and the content marketing landscape is easily one of the greatest beneficiaries. But while 67% of businesses now incorporate AI content with an AI generator and an AI content detector, the harsh reality is that only a small percentage are using artificial intelligence systems to their full potential.

While Google’s stance on AI means you can now integrate generated content with confidence, even if you don’t use an AI detector, your blogs, and videos will only rank well if they deliver the desired level of quality. More importantly, though, you must ensure that the AI-driven content engages your audience and is designed with your business objectives in mind. 

5 Key Features of Successful AI Content Integrations

Ensure that AI content is undetectable

Google may no longer care if the content is generated by AI, but many consumers do. In fact, 62% of people are less likely to engage with content that they know has been generated by AI systems. So, it is vital that your content is humanized. Otherwise, consumers may find it hard to relate to the content or trust the brand. 

AI is a wonderful tool for getting content ideas, planning your long-term strategy, or mapping out posts with key points. However, it’s important to avoid putting out AI generated content unedited. Otherwise, it may be a little bland or include contradicting points. Therefore, it’s best to use AI created content to streamline rather than replace your creation processes. 

After finishing a post, using a reliable AI detector will instantly tell you if the content reads as it should or sounds a little robotic.

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Create AI content that is authentic to your brand

Great content shouldn’t only feel human, it must also be authentic to your brand voice. Content that feels out of place on your website or social media channels will create an ambiguity that turns potential customers away. Therefore, it’s vital that you are clear about the company’s mission statement as well as its target audience.

If planning to use AI tools for content creation, it’s vital that the system is capable of learning your brand voice rather than creating generic content. Leap AI can be trained by feeding it your existing content and using human feedback. Once it knows the tone of your business, any content it creates will be a truer reflection of the business.

When editing AI created content, adding a personal touch or anecdote will give it the authenticity you crave. Existing consumers will show positive responses. 

Use AI to create new content types

The capabilities of AI in modern business are simply incredible, and are only moving in one direction. However, it’s not only great for increasing your blog output. The powerful technology can now be used to turn blog posts into podcasts or vlogs with minimal effort. This allows you to repurpose existing content and open content up to new audiences.

Aside from bringing added professional and fresh energy to the business, it is an ideal way to expand without taking on a bigger marketing team. When considering audio and video content, this is a cost-effective and convenient alternative to more traditional endeavors. Moreover, your control over the script ensures that the right message will be expressed.

You can additionally use AI to create press releases, which is ideal as it saves you from having to learn new formatting styles.

Check that your content is legally sound

Artificial Intelligence systems are capable of producing incredible content on virtually any subject. However, it should be noted that anything generated by AI relies exclusively on the data sources it has analyzed. Unfortunately, this can lead to several legal issues. For starters, you should use an AI checker and copyright checker to confirm originality.

It should also be noted that AI systems do not possess conscious thinking. Therefore, it can fall victim to bias or make inaccurate statements based on the info it has learned. For content on potentially controversial topics, you must check for any signs of bias. Meanwhile, all content should be fact checked for accuracy and relevancy.

Overlooking this step could land you in hot water from a legal perspective while also harming your reputation from the consumer’s perspective. 

Use AI for meta details

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Whether content is generated by AI systems or human writers, you need to know that it will get seen. After all, it is impossible for your content to have a positive impact if nobody sees it. Meta descriptions, titles, and alt-tags will have a key influence on your SEO presence. So, it’s vital that you fill these in correctly. This is another area where AI can thrive.

Artificial intelligence can ‘read’ your content to understand what it is about. Likewise, systems learn what works for SEO purposes and can take care of all supplementary details accordingly. As well as image alt text and descriptions, it can manage PPC ad copy and product descriptions to maximize content exposure.

Assuming you’ve created high-quality content too, the data-driven approach to SEO will take your content marketing strategy to the next level.

Discover the True Power of AI Content Today

Used correctly, AI will give your content a major advantage over that made by your competitors. From web content to social media posts, every aspect of your content strategy can be supported to deliver better results. With Leap AI, the possibilities are endless.

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