Leap AI Partners with Musicfy: Bringing AI to Music 🎡

Leap AI Partners with Musicfy: Bringing AI to Music 🎡

Leap AI is excited to announce we're partnering with Musicfy!

Leap, an industry leader in AI, is excited to power with Musicfy to unlock a new level of creativity for music creation using AI.

Together, we are powering the next generation of artists to generate music directly from text prompts.

Simply describe what you want your music to sound like, and the AI will take care of the rest.

This partnership creates an endless ocean of opportunities for artists on Musicfy. Whether you're developing new song ideas, crafting demos, or trying out different vocal styles, the creative scope is immensely broad.

How to get started:

  1. Create an account on Musicfy and start generating.
  2. Register for Leap for more AI capabilities.

Once you've set up, explore the boundless world of creative music generation.

What is Musicfy?

Musicfy is a tool for artists and producers to unlock a new level of creativity in creating music.

1M+ artists have already created new demos, new song ideas, new vocal styles and more using their AI voice tools.

What is Leap AI?

Leap AI is one platform and API for everything AI.

Generate amazing images, train your own models for headshots and style consistent assets, or generate music from our dashboard or with best-in-class APIs and SDKs.

We take care of the infrastructure, so you can focus on building your app.

Music Generation

Generate music with AI simply by typing in what you want.

Image Generation

Generate images from text from best-in-class models like Stable Diffusion.

Model Training

Train your own model to generate images of people, objects, or styles using your own data. Great for avatars, headshots, product shots, style consistent assets, and more.

We're all ears for the mesmerizing tunes you'll soon be creating.

Brought to you by:

Leap: https://tryleap.ai
Musicfy: https://musicfy.lol

Have any questions?

For any questions or assistance, we're here to help!

Reach out to us on Twitter @leap_api or through email at help@tryleap.ai.

We can’t wait to see what you create!