How Many Cold Emails To Send Per Day (2024)

Wondering how many cold emails to send per day? Find out the optimal number and improve your email outreach strategy today.

How Many Cold Emails To Send Per Day

Are you struggling to determine the right number of cold emails to send per day? Sending cold email can be a crucial part of your outreach strategy, but getting the balance right is crucial. If you send too many, you might deter your audience. On the other hand, if you send too few, you may not see the results you’re hoping for. In this blog, we’ll provide insights on how many cold emails to send per day to maximize your outreach efforts and boost your email marketing strategy’s efficiency. By the end of this post, you’ll have a clear idea of the number of cold emails you should be sending!

What Are The Basics of Cold Emailing? 

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Cold emailing is a crucial tool for business development and networking. This marketing technique involves reaching out to potential prospects via email, even if they haven't expressed prior interest. It's a way to introduce your product or service and initiate a conversation.

Reaching New Prospects

One of the primary benefits of cold emailing is reaching new prospects. Cold emails allow you to connect with individuals who may not be aware of your business. This can help expand your reach and potentially lead to new opportunities.

Less Intrusive Than Cold Calling

Unlike cold calls, emails give recipients the flexibility to respond at their convenience. This makes cold emailing less intrusive and gives prospects the opportunity to engage with your message on their terms.

Scalability and Cost-Effectiveness

Cold emailing can be scaled up easily and is relatively inexpensive. This makes it a cost-effective way to reach a large audience without investing significant resources.

Engagement in Cold Emails

Personalization and relevance are crucial for engagement in cold emails. Well-crafted cold emails that offer value and speak directly to the recipient's needs can yield high engagement rates.The overall engagement rate tends to be lower compared to other channels, primarily due to volume and varying levels of email scrutiny.

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How Do You Determine How Many Cold Emails To Send Per Day?

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Establishing Your Daily Cold Email Quota

To decide how many cold emails to send per day, you need to assess your campaign's goals, capacity for personalization, regulatory compliance, ESP sending limits, and target audience and industry. Starting small and gradually increasing your sending volume while keeping an eye on your deliverability and reputation is a good way to go. Here are some things to consider:

Email Campaign Goals

Your campaign's nature can influence how many emails you should send. Whether you are aiming for lead generation, brand awareness, or direct sales matters.

Capacity for Personalization

More personalized emails can lead to higher engagement. Personalization requires resources and time, limiting how many high-quality emails you can send daily.

Regulatory Compliance

Laws such as GDPR and CAN-SPAM have implications for email marketing practices, including volume and consent.

Email Service Provider Sending Limits

Each email provider has different sending limits. Trying to exceed these limits might get your account suspended. Policies can vary from one provider to another.

Target Audience and Industry

Different industries and audiences have varying tolerances and expectations for cold email frequency. What's considered too much in one sector may be standard in another.

Determining the Optimal Number of Cold Emails to Send per Day

Testing and Metrics

Industry benchmarks can be a starting point, which can be adjusted based on response rates, open rates, and engagement metrics. A/B testing can also help refine your approach.

Feedback Loops

Monitoring feedback and unsubscribe rates closely is important. High rates may indicate your volume is too high or your targeting is off.

Technology and Tools

Using email marketing tools to automate and schedule emails can help manage your daily quota more effectively and efficiently.

5 Tips for Effectively Sending Your Daily Cold Email Volume

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For those who are new to the game, cold email outreach can seem like a daunting task. Learn a few tips that will help manage your daily workload effectively.

1. Cold Email Campaigns with Batch Scheduling

One strategy that has proven particularly useful is batching and scheduling cold emails in advance. By using tools like email schedulers or marketing automation platforms, write and schedule a whole week’s worth of emails in one go, freeing up time to focus on other tasks.

2. Dedicated Outreach Time Blocks

Another helpful tactic is setting aside dedicated time blocks in the calendar for writing and sending cold emails. By treating outreach like any other task and assigning specific times to it, can ensure that make steady progress without getting overwhelmed. This approach also helps avoid the temptation to procrastinate. 

3. Engagement with Email Tracking and Monitoring Tools

Efficiency is not just a matter of time management. It also involves using the right tools and techniques. For instance, rely on email tracking and open rate monitoring tools to gauge engagement. These tools allow us to see who has opened the email, which links they’ve clicked on, and which emails have bounced. Armed with this information, can tailor the follow-up strategy and prioritize prospects who have shown the most interest.

4. Boosting Deliverability with Email Warming Services

Another tool that is found indispensable is email warming services. These services help improve deliverability and bypass spam filters by gradually increasing the volume of emails sent from the account. By following their recommendations, can build trust with email service providers and improve the chances of landing in prospects’ inboxes. 

5. Refining Strategies with A/B Testing for Outreach Optimization

Rely on A/B testing to optimize outreach. By experimenting with different subject lines, email copy, and send times, can identify which strategies work and which don’t. This data-driven approach not only helps increase open and response rates but also ensures that don’t waste time on ineffective tactics.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Sending Cold Emails Daily

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Pitfalls of Sending Too Few Cold Emails Per Day

Not generating enough leads/opportunities for your sales pipeline

Without sending enough cold emails, you risk missing out on potential leads that could help fill your sales pipeline. If you’re not sending enough emails daily, you may be leaving potential customers on the table.

Failing to achieve your prospecting and outreach goals

Your cold email efforts could be hampered by sending too few emails per day. If you’re not reaching out to enough prospects, you’re not likely to achieve the targets you’ve set for your sales objectives.

Wasting time/resources on an ineffective cold email strategy

Sending too few cold emails could mean you’re wasting your time and other resources on a cold email strategy that isn’t yielding the desired results. 

Pitfalls of Sending Too Many Cold Emails Per Day

Coming across as spammy and harming your brand's reputation

If you blast out emails in high volumes, you’re at risk of appearing like a spammer. This could potentially damage your brand’s reputation and cause you to miss out on genuine opportunities.

Overwhelming your prospects and getting flagged as spam

Sending too many cold emails in a day can overwhelm recipients and result in your emails being marked as spam. Being flagged as spam can be detrimental to your email deliverability rates.

Burning through your email lists too quickly without proper follow-up

With a high volume of cold emails, there’s a risk of depleting your email lists too quickly. If you’re sending emails without ensuring proper follow-up and nurturing, you’re wasting valuable leads and opportunities.

Misaligning Your Send Volume with Your Goals

Sending volumes unsuitable for your target accounts/industries

Not customizing your cold email send volume according to your target accounts or industries could result in sending emails to the wrong recipients. This could lead to lower conversion rates and wasted resources.

Not considering your resources/bandwidth for managing responses

Failing to evaluate your resources and capacity for managing responses can result in being overwhelmed by emails. Not being able to handle responses promptly could hinder the success of your cold email campaign.

Having unrealistic expectations about conversion rates

Overestimating the impact of the cold emails you send each day can lead to unrealistic expectations. It’s essential to set achievable goals and ensure that your daily send volume aligns with these goals.

Other Mistakes

Neglecting to personalize/segment your cold email campaigns

Failing to personalize and segment your cold email campaigns could result in lower engagement rates. Personalized and well-segmented emails are more likely to resonate with the recipients and lead to better outcomes.

Failing to comply with anti-spam laws/CAN-SPAM regulations

Not adhering to anti-spam laws and regulations could land you in legal trouble and damage your credibility. It’s crucial to ensure that your cold email campaigns comply with all relevant laws and regulations.

Not split-testing and optimizing your cold email cadence over time

Neglecting to split-test and optimize your cold email cadence could prevent you from improving your overall email outreach strategy. Continuous testing and optimization help in identifying what works best for your audience.

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Daily Cold Email Best Practices

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Before sending a cold email, make sure the recipients would actually be interested in your product or service. You don’t want to waste their time, and you certainly don’t want to waste yours. That means doing your market research. It’s figuring out the types of people who could benefit from your brand, finding them, and reaching out to them. 

Cold emailing the wrong person or the wrong company can be more than a little embarrassing. Researching the leads you’re after is a must. Luckily, there are tools to help you zero in on the right people. By verifying your emails before sending them, you can make sure you’re contacting the right person at the right company with the right email address.

Reach Out to Them Independently

When I use the word “independently,” it’s in reference to the fact that in my consulting work, I often hear cold emailers talk about other cold emailers. “My competition is doing it this way, so I need to do it that way, too,” is a line I hear a lot. But do you really need to do what your competition is doing? 

You might not offer the same thing your competition does. You might be in a different industry. You might be targeting a different slice of the population. And besides, the more you copy your competition, the less you stand out. So make your own decisions. Start from the beginning. Approach every decision as if you were the first person to ever send a cold email.

Make Them Feel Special (Personalization)

If you’re automating your cold emails, there are ways to make them feel personal. It’s not a manual process, but it can look that way. For example, a system can insert a recipient’s name into the subject line or body of your email, which is a good first step. But that’s just a start. You can step up your game even more by personalizing your message beyond the recipient’s name. 

You can mention the recipient’s company name, or reference something you’ve learned about the recipient on social media, or bring up a recent news story that relates to their company. You can even name-drop a mutual connection. The more personalized your cold email, the better chance you’ll have of getting a response. Think about it: When you get a personalized email, you’re more likely to read it, aren’t you? 

Stay on Message

Staying on message means not getting stuck on details that don’t matter. For example, don’t spend too much time thinking about your salutation. Don’t worry about whether you should say “I hope this email finds you well” or “I hope you’re having a great day.” Instead, focus on your call to action. What do you want the recipient to do next? 

That’s what you should be thinking about. Your email should have a clear objective. You’re not writing a novel. You’re writing an email. You’ve got a limited amount of space in the recipient’s inbox. Get to the point. 

Leave Them Wanting More

The best cold emails leave the recipient wanting more. They peak curiosity, offer something valuable, and build a little mystery. They’re the opposite of a hard sales pitch. You may ultimately want the recipient to buy something. But you can’t expect them to buy the first time they hear about what you’re selling. 

That’s why you have to think long-term. Sure, you should have an objective for each cold email you send. But you should also have a bigger objective for every email you send: to get the recipient to pay attention to your brand. 

Hope for a Response, but Don’t Pester Them After You Send a Follow-Up

When you send a cold email, there’s a simple solution to the anxiety that sometimes follows: Forget about it. Once you send your email, there are no take-backs. The email is out of your control. Whether you get a response or not, it doesn’t matter. You can’t take it personally. You have to focus on what you can control, and that’s sending another email. 

Just because you don’t hear back after your first email doesn’t mean you won’t hear back after your second. And just because you don’t hear back after your second doesn’t mean you won’t hear back after your third. Sending another email is the one thing you can do to try to get a response. So do it. But whatever you do, don’t pester the recipient. Sending too many follow-ups can do more harm than good. 

Verifying Your Emails Before Reaching Out to the Recipients

By verifying your emails, you can make sure you’re contacting the right person at the right company with the right email address. Tools can help you do this. There’s a wide range of tools that can verify your emails, which will save you time, money, and embarrassment. So use them. 

Registering Your Domain for the Proper Security Settings (SPF, DKIM, DMARC)

By registering your domain for the proper security settings, you can increase your chances of getting your cold emails to the right person. The last thing you want is for your cold email to get flagged as spam. By setting up SPF (Sender Policy Framework), DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail), and DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance), you can show email providers that you’re a reputable sender and that the cold emails you’re sending are safe. 

Keeping Your Inbox Warm

By “keeping your inbox warm,” I mean keeping your domain active. If you don’t send emails from your domain for a long period of time, providers start to question whether you’re a legitimate sender. That’s why you should keep sending emails. 

By maintaining regular email activity, you show providers that you’re a legitimate sender. You also increase the chances of your cold email getting to the right person and not getting flagged as spam.

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